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Best Nail Polish Removal

May 2, 2012

When I was a girl, I used cotton balls or paper towels and a bottle of nail polish remover to take the color off my nails. It was a messy job, and it took a lot of paper towels, and the cotton balls tended to leave little strings attached to my nails.  As a young adult, I had my nails professionally manicured.

Ah the 80’s…. Where did I get all that money?  I also used to tan… DON’T DO THAT!!! Skin cancer scars aren’t pretty, trust me.

When the twins were born, manicures and tans were quickly forgotten as all of my time and money were devoted to the boys. Since the boys turned 15 or so, I started paying more attention to myself again, but now I’m frugal – we had so little money for many years when they were growing up so I’m uncomfortable paying more than I have to for anything. The last professional manicure I got only lasted a week – she put the polish on too thick or it wasn’t dry or something, it just kind of peeled off in gooey pieces.

Over the years I’ve tried those short round bottles with the sponge and nail polish remover inside (great concept, but it doesn’t work as well as I’d want it to). Then I found some wonderful pre-moistened pads (sold in sets of 5 for $5 – $7). They’re GREAT for travel, but not for frequent use. The package says each pad will clean 10 nails – that’s a bit optimistic. I’d use the nail pads and wet them with old fashioned polish remover to finish the job.

I love the texture of the pre-moistened pads – it helps remove the nail polish, and somehow prevents them from dripping. I just wasn’t completely happy with them (except for travel) – they were a bit expensive considering I still had to buy nail polish remover. Also, to really do the job correctly, I needed to use two pads.

Inspiration led me to facial buff sponges (usually $1 – $5 for a 12 pack). I cut them in two and they EASILY clean 10 nails.  I bet they’d clean all 20 – but  I never do all my nails at once (I hate being so immobile). They have a perfect texture, they don’t drip, and they don’t leave any little hairs behind on my nails.

I wasn’t going to post another blog tonight, but I had to let my nails dry. 🙂  I took the teal off and painted my nails pink.  What do you think about the teal? My son Jordan picked it out.


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  1. What a great idea! I will definitely have to try it. How lucky that I am running low on cotton balls. 🙂

  2. Love the teal, and what a great idea for polish remover….love me some frugal too!

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